Holiday Shopping


When you are the Artist Auntie, of course the kids are expecting fun, messy gifts for the holidays! What child wouldn’t LOVE paint, clay and SMELLY PLAYDOUGH??? Smelly play dough…yes it is now scented!!??? Not being a parent or grandparent, this is the one time of the year that we shop for the “kids” for gifts. It is always an experience as a non child person to go to the store and shop for children. The I WANTS drive me over the edge. Hearing it from the demanding lists, to children crying in the store, to the parents arguing with such tiny people. What happened to ……..the magic of the holiday? and what is it about the WANTS? As children, it was about what we needed.

Not having an income this year really has put a different perspective on this “Holiday Season” of “giving”. Hope some family members don’t mind a piece of art work from me….it’s all I have and CERTAINLY NOT on anyones “I WANT” list……But at least…..

The in laws have said NO MORE gift cards….gifts only……OHHHHH OK!!!! Well then….. here ya go! Have CREATIVE MESSY FUN!

Blessings, Love and Creative Mess for your day!


1 thought on “Holiday Shopping”

  1. Christmas is a difficult time for too many these days in terms of money. The real reason for the season has left the country. I’ve used gift cards for years now, it just works out better. 😎

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