Magical Moapa Valley, NV

Magical Moment
the whole bow!

They say after a storm, hope is restored, and at times the message is sent from above. Yesterday I would say that was true. This rainbow could been seen all the way into VEGAS!!! 50 miles away.

This week started off with VERY SAD news about the neighbors 19 year old son, who passed away suddenly while on his Mission in Africa. Living in a community that is tightly woven, helping, kind and caring, everyone is pulling together to do what we can to “help out”. Tuesday night about 40 cars, filled with folks, bags, and kindness, surrounded their home with song and food. It was very touching, for lack of better words, and left tears on your heart and soul.

Wishing there was more I could do, anything, to bring some hope to this dismal situation,  (especially during the holiday season), but what?

As I looked out my back window, there was this most MAGICAL RAINBOW right over their house. Sending chills down my spine with goose bumps.

Prayers of Hope, Love, and Understanding for this Magical Day.



(PS. Photo one …..their house is at the bottom of that bow)


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