Plain “Jane” art work

“live, laugh, love”

A few folks had wanted me to eliminate the “Bright. bold, (cheerful ~ my opinion), colors from my work. Just wanted basic black and whites, and perhaps some with earth tones (they are coming soon!)

It has been quite some time since I had created with brush and India ink. After MANY epic fails, I felt I had a few to be able to post. Not my best work…and practice will make it better, but for now the elimination of color, black and white, my artistic self is trying to grasp this concept.

My parents always said “You walk around with rosy colored glasses on” …Yes…YES,  I do…we live in a COLORFUL world…..and I try to capture that in my art. Taking those glasses off and “seeing” the world in black and white…….can be sadly depressing.

Sending you a BRIGHT CHEERFUL day with Rosy Glasses ON!




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