just when you thought….


…nothing was going was really going your way….you kept trying….knowing in your heart and soul…the Artist inside of you needs to be released, set free in the desert to explore, investigate and be inspired………..

Trying to find a job in the “muggle world” that you don’t belong in any longer.

You keep searching, BELIEVING in yourself, even when your family and friends think you’ve lost your last marble………

AND…then…BAM! The connections you’ve been making, people you’ve been meeting, the unknown territory you’ve been exploring, opens up, and NEW POSSIBILITIES arrive on the horizon.

It is much to early to reveal the what’s , who’s and how’s at this moment in time. However, what I can say, is that…….I have been INVITED to attend committee meetings for Public Land Art commissions! Lots of prayers, good wishes, and positive karma. THIS is what I have been striving for ….

……..to release the inner artist soul,

AND it all “started with a dream”……………….

Much LOVE and Friday Fun for you today!



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