Thursday Thoughts

“Looking out my Window” 18×24 mixed media on black velvet

I was informed…..”if it doesn’t make you money….it doesn’t make “sense”……so on that  statement…..I am currently looking (have been for MONTHS), for a “real job” that has an income. I thought my art works would sell, I was given one chance. I am going to try to keep up with my social media accounts, but please excuse my absence if I don’t respond immediately.

Job searching is no joke. It is time consuming, boring, and quite the task. Yesterday, I needed a break. This drawing is happened next. “Looking out my Window” hoping, praying and sending out Great Karma to the universe!

May your day include thoughts and reflection!

Keeping it real…

Love, De

PS..the white dots are actually the reflection of the glitter on the work. Not desert dust! lolololol

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