Pomegranate Festival, Moapa Valley, Nevada, USA….. 2018

HEY!!!! I’m back!!!!
Our little round “Art Tent”
come on inside!
day 2….moved the tent…

(after moving the tent …we increased our visitors AND SALES!!!!)

My wonderful friend from Art Expediency ~Richelle Sieland
… Ms. Sieland’s work

As they say, experiences in life lead you on your own path of adventure into the unknown. Facing new challenges, meeting AMAZING contacts, selling some art works, LEARNING A LOT, getting out of the “She Shed Studio”, and ready to do it again!

I will be sharing in future blogs about some of events that occurred during this journey. Some may be leading on to my next ART ADVENTURE in Land Art Sculpture in the Moapa Valley!

Missed you all! Can’t wait to catch up with what you’ve been up to…..

Keep Inspiring!

Keep Creating!

Have a Magical Monday!

Love, De

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