Sometimes…. you….

need a drive…..
for fresh air….
clear thoughts….
focus on the future adventure…
one of my favorite…..
places to go!
Enjoy your weekend!

I will be a little busy the next several days, at the 23rd Annual Pomegranate Festival, in Moapa Valley, hosted by the Moapa Valley Art Guild at the Clark County Fair Grounds on November 2 &3. 6 years in the “making” phase while working a full time job, now its time to work full time as an Artist. Looking forward to getting out of the “She Shed Studio” and meet some new folks at my vendor booth. My dear and best friend Richelle Sieland ~ Art Expediency~ will also be sharing the space with me.

and ON WE GO…….the journey continues!

Preparations for the Pomegranate Festival, November 2 & 3 2018

I will catch up with everyone on Sunday.

Cheers and Great Karma for your creative day!

Much Love,


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