Children’s Art

(I created this for the Fall Carnival)
Student work….
the pumpkin designs were reflective of the students who were creating them
happy, happy
around each corner
…our pumpkin patch grew! 

Once upon a time as an Art Educator, an administration team had the GREAT idea, since we were short in the PE department, that I would teach a PE class???? Seriously! The kid who was ALWAYS chosen last in school, never made a sports team, and LOVES Drag Racing, dirt bike racing, car racing~ they are a sport~ no? Now has to teach a year of PE class? Well, from my point of view, Artists are trained athletes in a League of their own. I embraced my new challenge, and called my class PE ART. We spent our year decorating and enjoying the outdoors classroom. These were created by my 2nd graders (7-8 year olds) Miss the kids terribly, but not the chaos we currently call the “American Education System”.

Sending you Great Karma to embrace your challenges today! 

Much Love,


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