Preparations for the Pomegranate Festival, November 2 & 3 2018

Sculpture Display

Preparing for the festival has become a labor of love from this Artist! Not quite all ready, or all finished, or all ready to go, but working on those final preparations. I will add better photos of the entire display later next week.

Sculpture is my passion, the fiber that holds me together during those tough artistic times we endure. I know many people do not understand my work. I do not ask them for their acceptance or understanding, but did the “regular folks” (“muggles from the non art world”) QUESTION the piece? Try to have some relation to their own inner thoughts? As artists, teachers, creators, we are not here to “spoon feed” the answers to our viewers, but to draw them in to ask those most important questions to themselves.

Sending you Great Creative Karma!



(“Peace Four” is sold. The Proud owner said I could “borrow” His “PEACE FOUR” the show!) ((Thank GOSH!!! It is one of my FAVORITES!)) To view the sculptures individually please visit my page “Mesa Sculptures” . 

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