Little Jamaica, Beaver Dam, AZ

Deep in the valley….
beneath the palm trees….
rests a few relics….
from another time and place….
…..details at a closer look…..
…..and the journey continues…..

Yesterdays adventures, took us out and about to St. George, Utah to pick up remodeling  supplies for the house and of course,  art supplies I was in need of to prepare for my upcoming booth at the festival. On the way home, we made a stop to purchase lottery tickets (what artist couldn’t use a few extra dollars to pursue their dreams??!). While Mr.S stood in the loooooong line, my artist eye went for walk with the camera.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE old vintage, classic cars.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being able to see, smell and touch green.

Continue on with what INSPIRES your day!


(ps….I do NOT photo crop, edit or filter my photos in ANY way. I wait for the “shot” that I am looking for.) 

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