…my LOVE and Passion ……I have been a dancer since the age of 7, professionally trained in Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Pointe. I have always incorporated my LOVE of dance into my life in some way. My former career as an Art Educator, for over 20 years, I also had various Dance Teams and Spirit Squads. My teams would range from the smallest of 12  members to the largest of 60 members. I taught them dance, cheerleading, color guard and gymnastics. We did performances for different venues all over the city of Las Vegas, NV. I do not miss the classroom as much as I miss my performers.

Last night afforded me the opportunity to get out and meet my new neighbors in a different way. I was invited to the local church to teach a 50’s dance! So much FUN! Networking, dancing and laughing. (PS Grown ups are MUCH more challenging to teach than the little ones!!! OHHH MY GOSH!!!)

May your day be full filled with your passions!


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