Creating some “Travel Doodles” for the annual Pomagrante Festival in Moapa Valley that takes place in November at our local fairgrounds. I am hoping to be selected for a vendors booth this year. The “Travel Doodles” are still in progress. I am also creating a few pieces to enter with Virgin Valley Artist Association for selection at Deep Roots Harvest.

“Travel Doodles” IN PROGESS…but close to completion

During the in-between times, (drying processes of the materials),  I am working on creating a SCULPTURE for our local gallery “Nature/Nurture” show next month in October.

LOVE Poly to “freshen” up tired wood!
…the girl must have her shiny bling

I will be posting photos (of course) and progress updates as we “grow” through this Artist process together.

May Your day be One of Inspiration!


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