Progress…and still a ways to go

Artist shadow viewing Earth Work “Rock Walk”
“Rock Walk” ~ a continuously growing Earth Work on the artists property

Since purchasing our property several months ago, my obsession and LOVE of Rocks magnified immensely again with the freedom of being able to do what I wanted with them. I have always had a curious interest in rocks since I was a young child growing up in rural PA.  Moving to Las Vegas put a slight curve in the Earth Work passions. A freedom one does not have as a renter in the city.

Look out country life! I have arrived! I know my neighbors are driving by with quite the curious looks as I spend hours in the mornings and afternoons finding, moving and placing the rocks in a line that follows the contour of our Mesa. I am no where close to finished, I do not know if I ever will be. Adding plants, flowers and trees to existing desert landscape, hoping to enhance our infinity views of this AMZING place!

Today, I wanted to share  with YOU the journey, as I reached a “Turning Point” in the growing Earth Work in Moapa Valley of Nevada! I will continue to blog randomly about the progress as it grows and changes.

Much Love from Heart of the Artist!


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