Keeping busy

Working through the tough summer heat out here in the Moapa Valley, NV, has inspired a few new Doodles. My “Doodles” are to keep the Artist hands busy.

While in town today for groceries at the market, which is an interesting planning experience all its own,  when the market is a 30 minute drive through the desert heats. Always take a cooler, ice packs and bottled water for any adventure! Oh yes, back to the trip to town, my husband picked up the supplies he needs to run power to my outdoor studio space!!!! Soon, very soon, I will be able to “ROCK” out more sculptures!!! For now, here are the latest “Doodles” …not quite finished, they still need the final touches of GLITTER!!!!!! and BLING!!

Many THANK YOUS to ALL who are Visiting!!!

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