Making Space

HEY HEY!! I am still here! Just been real busy the last several days, moving things around to make a new outdoor studio space. When we purchased our property we had an old trailer bed on it, missing the axel, so no wheels to move it, it sat. Found out that at one time someone was using it as housing. Which is quite an amazing concept to wrap ones thoughts around out here in the extreme conditions of desert dwelling, from the excessive heat, non stop winds, monsoon season, and the dead cold winters. It took me quite some time to “warm up” to the concept of using this space. Me being me, I felt that maybe the space needed some time to adjust, lets say, to the new land owners. After 6 months and several visits inside to “clean out” the last residents belongings, I have started to embrace my studio renovations. The studio will not be staying permanently on the property, but for now, it’s here. As a child I used to love to spend my PA summers off in the woods, whether at Girl Scout camp or around my parents house. “Let’s go build a cabin” would often echo early during the summer months between friends. As I spend time in my “new” desert studio I am reminded of those childhood days, memories and Great times! ………………the first photo is the BEFORE…..and the other two are the current…… artists are we ever really complete with our space?????

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