As an Artist in the found object earth art sculpture working perimeters, finding materials to work with on my property isn’t a problem.  Our land had been not used, lived on, or had any practical purposes for over 10 years. The land was just that….land, that people passed by on their way to some where else. Our land had started as a large farm, many, many founding years ago. There is still evidence if your looking for it that the horses, cows and livestock had free roam on these endless lands. Then as the valley grew, as did the families, the lands were divided off into smaller sections for each member to have a part to work and maintain life. As families changed, moved on to other opportunities, some parcels have become available. We were, as I consider us, VERY LUCKY to to be able to obtain a part of this  magical land. As we relocated, it became evident the land needed someone to care, pick up what others had discarded over the years, give it new life. The Girl Scout in me (I have been a Girl Scout since the age of 5), combined with the Artist soul, it was a match made in Heaven…….clean the land, and give new purpose to old items, that have their own stories to tell. Many look at my work and wonder..what the hell is this????……If I have raised questions in your mind about……… what is art????….then I’m achieving my goal…….old objects, used in a practical use, bringing new questions……in a thought…..process, understanding, comprehension IMG_2859

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