Infinity Views

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From sunrise to sunset, the views continue on in to the nights. Just breathtaking to see what seems like forever! The mesas, the mountains, the valleys and the hills. Greens, browns, reds, oranges and yellow to fill an artists pallet, with the blue skies and the sunsets and sunrises the colors are so vibrant they bring this magical place alive with action. I must admit as an artist at times it is hard to concentrate on what I should be doing, rather than watching the hawks circle the skies for food, or the cotton tail rabbits out early in the mornings hiding, looking for food undercover of the native plants from their circling air predators. Then close to the Earth the lizards are plentiful looking for the ants and insects, such a busy place on the mesa. The CA King snakes also make an appearance on their way from one location to another. The bobcat had been using our land as his pass thru for a few days. The coyotes are heard off into the distance in the evenings.  So many folks drive through the desert wondering what could possibly exist out there? Well, for those who aren’t aren’t afraid of the challenges, the desert is actually full of life. But you’ll need to be here early…4:30 am the roosters begin to wake the farm animals, then as the sun barely breaks the horizon life scurries before the heat of the day comes upon them, placing them in hiding….just like many of the local residents. I have such an appreciation for the farmers who work  these harsh lands. Not an easy task in the extremes of desert living. But we will save that for another blog on another day. Oh yes work…..supposed to be working on my sculptures, preparing for the Fine Arts Gallery in Mesquite, NV,

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