A new day

Good Morning! Life in the Moapa Valley as an artist is very inspiring, rewarding, spiritual all embracing way to create. Fresh air, bountiful sunshine, light breezes…….however some find our desert to be lifeless, brown, and what could possibly inspire one to create here…….if you take the time to just stop relax and rest….there is much life that exists in these conditions, ones to be admired that they CAN survive….even in the extremes of the desert….the rocks tell the stories that have long faded, generations of hawks fly over the valley reminding you ,,,,all are free to fly…just spread your wings…have courage ……..flowers bloom, lizards roam, and when the sun begins to set…..alive the desert becomes…rabbits, birds, bobcats and coyotes…….my infinity views as I call them……are breathtaking. Overlooking the valley, mountains, mesas, and desert…hard to take it all in in just a moment…..as an artist , trying to capture a few of those!

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